Congratulations to the following award winners from the
"Beautiful Ambiguities" Exhibit on display at the Downers Grove Public Library during the month of August. 
Judge: Marge Hall

Honorable mentions.....
1. Pat Mroczka, Out Of Sight (water color)
Loved the use of subtle green and golden tones with a complimentary background. The negative space is as interesting as the positive one. Each petal has wonderful patterns within itself. I especially liked the fish, as they danced around in harmony with flower patterns.
2. Emily F Friel, Light Patterns: Day's End (acrylic)
Loved the placement of the yellow rectangle and the contrast of the warm center with all the cool colors surrounding it. The slight suggestion of a circular shape softens the starkness of geometric shapes and gives movement to the work. Before I even looked at the title, it   represented the sun, sky and water to me, and after looking at the title I saw the reflection of a day's end. PERFECT!
3. Carol Kazwick, Memory Garden (collage)
This caught my eye and the more I looked at it the more I saw. The use of pages that had print on them to make the flowers was subtle yet enduring. The butterflies and leaves cut out of musical black paper had me intrigued. I wanted to know more. What were the numbers all about and were the springs important? "Made me look"
4. Mary Beth Purse, Inner Currents (pastel)
This just made me feel good. I wanted to be sitting there watching the sky and its reflection on the water. The use of color in the sky, clouds and water were impressive. Wonderful in its simplicity.
5. Joyce Pyka, The Power Behind The Throne (digital)
I'm not familiar with the execution of digital work, but this piece made me stop and look, not only at the expression on the face of the lady but on the cat. The royal color choice and patterns were quite nice, and loved the color of the cloth over the stool that the cat was on. In this day of computers we have to take into account, was this a good piece of art? It did make me stop and look. Not until I was home did I realize it was digital.

August Exhibition

Congratulations to the following award winners from the recent October Members Exhibit at the Indian Prairie Public Library,

Judge Laura Milas

Award Winners

1st Place: "Looking Up", Debbie Kliegl, Beauty found in unexpected moments;  a wonderful limited palette and essay on line

2nd Place: "Bird Song", Nancy Staszak, Boldly presents a clash of colors and suggests a narrative based on sound

3rd Place: "Landscape and Illusion", Carol Kazwick, Layers of suggested lines found in an unexpected place;  control and chaos found in its layered brushstrokes 

Honorable Mentions:

Lyn Tietz Siamese Cat, Patricia Mroczka Peachy Pumpkins, Dorothy Bury Shaw "Peace Patrol", Janice Bottger "Autumn Splendor", Susan O’Connell "Hemlock Hill"

February and March  Exhibition

1st place. Charles Smith, Southern Pacific (oil)
The rendering of the train is spot on. You could almost feel the steam hitting the ground and rising. The perspective drew you into the painting and the subdued colors with a hint of orange sparkles was impressive. Truely an accomplished technician of the subject matter and the medium. BRAVO!
2nd place. Brad Purse, The Gift (oil)
I stood and looked at this painting for a long time. What was the story behind the gift? Did it suggest that with all the trash around there was still beauty on the beach? There are numerous things that draw you into this painting and to top that off, it is painted exquisitely. The use of
shading especially was rendered beautifully. It was difficult to choose first place between this and Charles Smith's work.
3rd place. Judy Fan, Let's Talk (oil)
I especially loved the looseness of this piece. Every stroke was intentionally committed and not overworked. The monochromatic colors enhanced the flesh tones and a wonderful balance of warm and cool flesh tones were evident. I chose this painting over the "How Do I Look" one,
because of its strength in simplicity. I did not realize I chose 3 oil paintings to be at the top of my list, but I feel they were the best in the exhibit.

October Exhibition